more rumors are spreading among people from the fashion industry that kate & naomi might come back for next years fashion week

by gayhughhefner

you're so full of shit omg
by Anonymous

can you find a link for it please
by Anonymous

if i find it you have to come off anon i don’t want to publish the link

have you seen the video?
by Anonymous

just parts of it you can clearly see his face so that way you know that it is obviously him

do you have a link for the gay porn video of river?
by Anonymous

I don’t, but he plays both rolls (top and bottom) and the other guy looks like a model, but he’s not. Sources say that the guy on the video is a very close friend of river

omfg its true the porn gay video with river vipireli?
by visionfotografica

river viiperi and yes it is true and it’s going around the internet i believe


people from the fashion industry said that andrej pejic and rj king in fact dated for a few months but kept it a secret because of rj’s modeling career could’ve been affected

hey, i don't have a tumblr. i just randomly look at some. i noticed that you said something about Bo - he deleted you on facebook. He HAS one?! what's his full name? :) thanks. just curious
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mmmmmm i want some of that (alexandre)

mmmmmm i want some of that (alexandre)

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